Battering Ram Testing the Holley Hi-Ram on a supercharged small-block Ford engine
Nearly a decade ago, Holley released a tunnel ram-style intake manifold that seemingly fit dozens of EFI and carbureted applications. From high-winding naturally aspirated monsters to mild-bolt-on junkyard builds to big-power turbocharged, heads-up cars, the Holley Hi-Ram is a seemingly a do-it-all intake manifold. The manifold's versatility comes from having different lids for a variety of app...
The Edelbrock Renegade Championship Comes Down To One Last Race Between The Blowers
By Jason Dempsey Although he ran his Dez Racing-backed Mustang in three events in the Renegade class during the 2015 season, Massachusetts-based racer and Edelbrock Renegade point's leader Aaron Bates considers himself a rookie in the class and in heads-up racing in general. His car was a full-on street car just two years ago, sitting in the Dez Racing shop awaiting a big-horsepower makeove...
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