NMRA COYOTE STOCK—Billet Oil Pump Gear Replacement Procedure

Following a meeting with Coyote Stock racers during the season opener at Bradenton Motorsports Park, the NMRA worked with Ford Performance engineers to address racer concerns over the OEM oil-pump gears in the class-spec sealed engines. As a result, a program was established by which the existing gears will be replaced with a new billet-steel set from Ford Performance during a supervised replacement procedure.

Under no circumstances can the seals be removed without an NMRA representative present during an official and scheduled tear-down. Beginning with the NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals (Commerce, GA) over the weekend of April 7-10, 2016, any Coyote Stock competitor has the opportunity to crack open his/her engine­—under NMRA supervision—and replace the factory oil pump gears with the approved set from Ford Performance (P/N M-6600-50CJ). Racers who are unable to attend the All-Star Nationals or elect to change oil pump gears at a later date will have the option at a future NMRA race. Those looking to do so will need to contact the NMRA competition department to schedule the tear-down, as it requires certain equipment for re-sealing the engines, as well as a dedicated tech staff member.

Coyote Stock racers attending the All-Star Nationals can arrive pre-event on Wednesday, April 6, 2016, as parking will be open from 12-noon until 6PM for Coyote Stock racers only in order to prepare for a scheduled teardown. Beginning on Thursday, an NMRA tech official will be dedicated to supervising the oil pump gear swap from 9AM to 7PM, Friday 9AM to 6PM, Saturday 8AM to 6PM, and at scheduled times on Sunday.

Competitors will need to purchase the following two parts from Ford and bring to the event un-opened.


  1. M-6600-A50PKIT – Oil Pump Install Kit



  1. M-6600-50CJ     – Oil pump with billet gear


This is the first step in addressing several concerns in the Coyote Stock class coming out of the Florida meeting. The NMRA is working with Ford Performance in evaluating the shrinking stock of 2011-2014 Coyote engines, a re-build program that is common in other sealed crate engine racing programs, and the possible implementation of the Coyote 5.0L engine produced for 2015-newer vehicles.