NMRA Statement on Mark Anderson Appeal

The NMRA Competition Committee has reached a decision in the appeal filed by Mark Anderson regarding his non/compliance with a Technical Inspection/Teardown in the Factory Stock class at the NMRA World Finals on October 1-4, 2020. The NMRA Competition Committee has adjusted the action taken to the following:

1. Removal/Disqualification of the vehicle from competition in Factory Stock at the NMRA World Finals event.

2. Loss of competition points for 3 previous events, including 2020 NMRA Michigan, 2020 NMRA St. Louis and 2020 NMRA Georgia.

3. Upon appeal, the NMRA Competition Committee has modified the two-race suspension to the following:

a. Upon arrival at first event Tech In, must complete a teardown inspection to include at minimum, removal of intake manifold and cylinder head for NMRA Technical Inspection.

b. Upon successful completion of the vehicle teardown inspection, will be placed on a ONE (1) year probation. Any technical violations and/or unsportsmanlike conduct violations during this probation period could result in additional penalties, including further suspension of competition privileges or monetary fines.

This decision is final and not eligible for appeal.