NMRA Tech Committee announcement on Coyote Stock calibration revision

As of February 23, 2021, there is a new G-Force Racing Transmission Coyote Stock ECM calibration available for racers that fixes two problems. The tune is available immediately from Ford Performance; contact customer service to arrange the update. The Holley NMRA Ford Nationals tech department can upload the newest Coyote Stock-legal calibration to a running vehicle at Bradenton Motorsports Park beginning March 1, 2021 via NMRA officials.

The new calibration strategy addresses a momentary low-oil-pressure reading at start-up with applications using an NMRA-approved oil accumulator. The trouble code puts the vehicle into a limp mode, preventing maximum performance. The new calibration fixes this issue and Ford Performance worked with two current Coyote Stock racers on real-world validation. The other adjustment pertains to a trouble code that is triggered due to a MAF sensor reading. The Ford engineers adjusted the MAF parameters to eliminate this problem. All racers are required to use the 2/23/21 tuning strategy in NMRA competition or until it is superseded by a new Ford calibration.

The Holley NMRA Ford Nationals would like to thank Dave Born and Ford Performance for their continued support and immediate attention to these issues as racers prepare to start the season March 4-7 at Bradenton Motorsports Park with the BMR Suspension NMRA Spring Break Shootout.