Open Comp Racer Adam Moldenhauer Starts New NMRA Coyote Stock Project for Wife

With not much else to during the pandemic but sit around and buy parts, NMRA ARP Open Comp racer Adam Moldenhauer amassed a stockpile of components to complete a new NMRA G-Force Racing Transmissions Coyote Stock entry for his wife, Becky.

In ’13, Moldenhauer sold his ’94 Mustang due to unforeseen circumstances. As fate would have it, he was able to buy it back in ’19 for less than what he originally sold it for and in perfectly pristine condition as the car had never even been touched since its previous sale.

“Everything was exactly as I had left it, including the spare parts sitting in the footwell,” laughed Moldenhauer, who lives in Fort Myers, Florida, and freshened up the SN95 for its re-debut at the 26th Annual Nitto Tire NMRA Spring Break Shootout season opener in Bradenton, Florida, at the end of February 2020.

While racing at the event, Moldenhauer’s wife, who is a bit of an adrenaline junky herself as she skydives and rides motorcycles, saw the NMRA G-Force Racing Transmissions Coyote Stock class and thought she’d like to give it a try. So, like any good husband would do, Moldenhauer went out and found a car so that his sweetheart could fulfill her dreams.

He located another ’94 model and purchased it from a friend who had let the car sit for several years.

“I hate to tear it up because it’s 100% pristine, like a time capsule,” shared Moldenhauer of his lucky find. “I went out and bought a motor from All Stock Racing in Cape Coral, Florida, and right after that, Ford decided to release the Gen 3 Coyote.”

Rather than be frustrated, Moldenhauer made a plan. He’ll run the new Gen 2 in the Coyote Stock entry with Becky behind the wheel when they have the car ready to come out in 2021, and, after getting it dialed in decently enough, he’ll swap the Gen 2 over to his Open Comp ride and put a new Gen 3 in his wife’s.

Moldenhauer also purchased the quintessential Coyote Stock transmission, a G-Force Racing G-101A gearbox, along with a billet Ram clutch, thanks to a recommendation from fellow NMRA racer Andrew Hanlon.

A complete UPR Products suspension package has been acquired, along with a Strange Engineering spool and matching axles and brakes, and JLT Performance intake.

“So far, I’ve only yanked out the rear end and drove it up to Axiom Race Fabrication to have some work done,” noted Moldenhauer, who plans to run the factory 8.8 rear with 9-inch ends and some bracketry to beef it up. He will also be ordering a set of wheels from Holeshot once the rear is back in place.

Ongoing assembly is taking place at home in Moldenhauer’s garage—aka “Big Homie Performance” – over the summer and throughout the off-season, but he’ll be outsourcing the roll cage to Axiom as he trusts owner Jonah’s welding skills unquestionably.

Although Becky hasn’t driven a drag car before, she’s looking forward to getting behind the wheel and learning the ropes as her husband’s passion piqued her own interest. Her fun-loving personality ensures she’ll be a perfect fit in the NMRA G-Force Racing Transmissions Coyote Stock family, and her husband will be there to help her along the way.

Current plans for the self-funded team include taking the rest of the 2020 season off to work on finishing up both rides, as Moldenhauer’s Open Comp Mustang is in need of a new roll cage, then going “all in” in double the capacity for the 2021 NMRA drag racing season with twice the SN95 goodness.