Plug & Play Ignition System Voltage Booster for ’11-’14 Mustang

The folks at JMS Chip & Performance have added a new application for the 5.0L-powered ’11-’14 Ford Mustang to their line of popular PowerMAX® Plug & Play ignition solution products. Designed to provide up to 85% more ignition voltage, the PowerMAX® SparkMAX V2 Ignition System Voltage Booster also provides continuous high voltage and amperage output without noise. Benefits include the ability to eliminate spark blowout in surcharged or turbocharged applications, and improve power and fuel economy by being able to run a wider spark plug gap. The device has a continuous output rating of 31 amps, and will operate with an input voltage between 9.5 and 19 volts DC. Easy to install, JMS’ plug-and-play setup has two user-selectable maximum output voltage options, 25 or 31 volts.