RC Components Touts Deuce Comp Series Rear Race Wheels

RC Components continues to develop new products for its drag race wheel line that are built strong enough to withstand the rigorous demands of racing and reduce unsprung weight, and that appeal to racers.

The Deuce rear wheel centers were designed with a 2-inch offset built into them, allowing the 15-inch wheels to be made all the way down to 1-inch backspace on a 15 x 14 or smaller, and down to 3-inch backspace on 16-inch, wheels. They can be made in the Torx and Hammer designs. Aside from functionality, the Deuce wheels have an eyecatching, deep-well design. It is an ideal application for any big-tire drag car drivers who wish to also compete in radial racing. These wheels can achieve that without any major chassis modifications.

The 15-inch diameter rear wheels can be made with widths from 8-16 inches and offsets from 0 to 6.5 inches. All RC Components series wheels are SFI certified. They are also available with a single beadlock, double beadlock or no beadlock. The Deuce wheel centers can be done in polished, Eclipse, and Eclipse Prism finishes.

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(Content courtesy of RC Components)