Saturday Coverage—11th Annual Nitto Tire NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Street legal Drag Racing

Terry Beefake Reeves VOrtechPhotographers and fans might have enjoyed the wild wheelie from Terry “Beefcake” Reeves but we can say with certainty that from Reeves’ seat it wasn’t pretty. The damage was more than just some mangled suspension parts. The oil pan was crushed during one of the two hard slams on the ground, pushing it up against the oil pick-up tube and killing oil pressure in the process. The team decided not to risk it and pulled out of competition The engine will be removed, checked by BES Racing, and readied for action at the NMRA World Finals. Reeves is currently the quickest supercharged Coyote Mustang and he is planning on going deep into the 7s at the season finale.

Jacky McCarty NMRAA recent convert to Team NMRA is the McCarty Performance team as they finally swapped out their LS engine in favor of a small-block Ford. The engine checks in at 400ci and wears a set of billet cylinder heads and Marcella Manifold. The team chose to go with the 94mm option in Wiseco/VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw to get a little weight out of the 1991 Mustang GT, as compared to the 98mm combination. The team is sitting on top of the ladder through just one round qualifying with a stellar 4.531 at 166.03 mph. He has some fast competition with Phil Hines (4.548) and Kevin Neil and his nitrous-powered Mustang (4.576) as well as a field of turbocharged and supercharged hitters looking to step it up in this next round of qualifying.

BoostedGT_NMRA_Street_OutlawDiscovery Channel’s Street Outlaw television star Chris “BoostedGT” Hamilton is on the property for a special grudge match with local racer “The Grinch.” The Texas racer had an ignition issue that he resolved this and will be making a few check out passes before he throws down big money in his match-up with The Grinch. Hamilton has been on a hot streak after winning the Redemption 5.0 No Prep race two weeks ago.

AFCO StrutsThe Manufacturer’s Midway is huge this weekend and one of the companies showcasing and servicing parts is AFCO. Above is their latest product, the Big Gun struts that are designed for big power and little tires to help control the front-end travel. The struts area available for both ’79-’04 Mustangs and Fourth-Gen F-bodies.

Hot Rodders of TomorrowThe Hot Rodders of Tomorrow have an engine building contest going on live on the Manufacturer’s Midway. The competition puts teams of high school shop students against each other to see who can build a small-block Chevy quicker. They start with a bare block and a full line of parts ready to get assembled.

Clint Bates Coyote ModifiedNewcomer to NMRA drag racing is Clint Bates and he brought along—yet another—Cobra Jet to the ProCharger Coyote Modifed party. Bates has a twin turbocharged Coyote Mustang but wanted to go class racing and purchased the 2014 Cobra Jet off the RPM Transmission guys. The car actually ran in this class two years ago during the same event. He qualified with a 9.487 at 144.69 mph but the car has run 8.80s in Coyote Modified trim under the previous owner. It is a stock factory racecar save for a tuned up transmission/torque converter, a pair of Mickey Thompson Pro 275 tires, and a custom ECU calibration.

Adam Arndt Renegade NMRAIf there was a perfect launch for a small-tire, stock suspension car then it was the one that Edelbrock Renegade racer Adam Arndt made yesterday during the first qualifying session. The tire dug into the track, the front-end came up slowly and carried the tires way out past the 60-foot clock before setting them down calmly. Arndt’s hot rod posted a 7.711 at 170.41 mph to become the provisional number one qualifier. UPDATE: Arndt pushed his copper Mustang GT even quicker to a 7.678 at 178.57 mph


Mike_Washington_Factory_StockIt took a few races but Mike Washington found himself at the top of the American Racing Headers Factory Stock category for the first time in 2016. It was the first time since 2005, the last year he ran in Factory Stock. This was the fourth race in FS trim and it has been a roller coaster ride for Washington from a sheered axle to making the all-time quickest run in class history and then followed by a shattered driveshaft. He has managed to grab a runner-up and a semifinal finish in the two events that he has completed.

Jeff Polivka TOp Qualifier NMRAThe lone run in the 7s in ProCharger Coyote Modified came during the second, and final, qualifier. Polivka unleashed a 7.991 at 171.23 mph on a picture-perfect run down the Route 66 Raceway. The team has gotten a handle on the new Forced Inductions 76mm turbocharger. A tick behind him is the point’s leader Joe Guertin who smoked the tires in the final qualifier but ran 8.133 at 168.14 mph yesterday in round one.

Drew Lyons CSIt is a dogfight in Coyote Stock and the qualifying battle proves it—Drew Lyons unseated Carlos Sobrino thanks to a higher speed. Both racers ran 10.395 in similar conditions with Lyons scoring a 127.98 mph trap speed while Sobrino posted a 126.21 mph effort.

Ron CullemberFor just the second time in two years there was a name other than Teddy Weaver or Jimmy Wilson at the top of the qualifying sheet in G-Force Racing Transmissions Pure Street. Ron Cullember blasted off to a NMRA-career best of 9.879 at 124.64 mph for the number one qualifying position. He relies on a RGR 311i engine and slams the gears of a G-Force 101A four-speed transmission.

No, Edelbrock Renegade racer Curtis Catalon and his crew aren’t napping under their Rick Stevens-built ’03 Mustang Cobra, they’re just working on making sure the oil system is in tip top shape for eliminations. Louisiana-based Catalon runs a 4.6L motor from Triangle Speed Shop with Rich Groh Racing heads and a 76mm turbo, and qualified fourth with a best run of 7.859 at 174.41 mph.

For the first time since ’06, the team from DiabloSport is providing factory support. They’ve committed to reestablishing themselves in the Ford market by helping customers on-site where it counts. Factory Stock racer Sonda Leslie’s Mustang got a slight adjustment to its tune to smooth things out and see if they can make the most of the new Ultimate Converter Concepts torque converter that’s on board. With no test sessions prior to the start of the race weekend, they used qualifying to gather testing data and are heading into eliminations in eighth.

Current Race Pages Coyote Stock elapsed time record holder Carlos Sobrino put down an awesome 10.395 at 126.21 mph pass during qualifying with his ’88 Mustang and took the lead with the number one spot, but last season’s champion Drew Lyons took it from him when he ran a nearly identical pass of 10.395 at 127.98 mph. The faster trap speed boosted Lyons to the top position, but Sobrino’s smile is ever-present as always despite the astonishingly tight competition.

True Street NMRA Joliet 2016

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