Saturday Coverage—23rd Annual Nitto Tire NMRA Spring Break Shootout

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The Ecoboost gauntlet was thrown down Friday when Bill Putnam clocked a staggering 9.46-second pass at 144 mph, clearing the next competitor by some 2 seconds and 24 mph. The Loxahatchee, Florida, resident is obviously making some big power out of his 2.3-liter, turbocharged 2015 Mustang, and from the looks of qualifying, it doesn’t look like anyone is going to catch him.

Nikki Frost of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has parked her 10-second street car to jump into something that’s soon to be a bit quicker. Taking the keys of her husband’s 2013 Mustang, Frost and her team have assembled a new ProCharger Coyote Modified entry that’s getting its first runs down track this weekend. The Mustang is powered by a Vortech V-7 JTB-blown Coyote engine built by Jeremiah Hussey at Modular Performance Systems, and Adam Browne of Revolution Automotive tunes the AEM engine management system. New car bugs are still being worked out, and Frost’s first two passes off the trailer have clocked in at 10.9 and 10.5 off the footbrake. Once they get the transbrake solenoid fixed, the Magnaflow and Vortech-sponsored ride should pick up considerably.

Above is the bumper of Frank Varela’s Edelbrock Renegade car after it ran 7.44 at 181 mph last night for the top spot on the qualifying ladder. The second round of qualifying was even better for Varela and the Hellion Racing B-Team–they ran an even quicker 7.41 at 181 mph, thanks to a quicker sixty-foot run. The result has been the deterioration of the bumper cover as more plastic gets ripped off with each pass down the track.

Justin Jordan worked 44 straight hours, without sleep, to get his 2013 Mustang GT ready for NMRA competition, showing his dedication to finish the turbocharged Coyote setup ready for the biggest Mustang race of the year. The Mustang didn’t have any interior in it as of two weeks ago, that is when Pro Fab Performance Plus got to work installing a SFI 25.3 roll cage. The car was completely re-wired and upgraded as he takes aim at low 7s. Jordan will be running Hellion Turbo Coyote Shootout and ididit Outlaw True Street.

It goes lower! John Leslie Jr. dropped the top qualifying position even lower during round two with a stout 10.51 at 125 mph performance, backing his impressive 10.56 last night. He leads the field by a tenth of a second, with last year’s undefeated champion behind him with a 10.61 at 124 mph effort. The Coyote combination has the been the class of the field with the top five entries running that powerplant.

Gotta-Go-Fast Green—John Kauderer ditched the snow-covered grounds of Buffalo, NY for the Sunshine state and he brought along his wicked 2014 Cobra Jet, which has a turbocharged Coyote under the hood. The car, carrying new sponsorship from BMR Suspension, unleashed the quickest pass in class history. With JPC Racing’s Eric Holliday handling the tuning, Kauderer traversed the quarter-mile in a mere 7.74 seconds at a terminal velocity of 174 mph. He is on top of the ladder through two of three rounds of qualifying.

QA1 True Street competitors have been knocking out time trials today, and we’ve been watching several stick-shift Mustangs putting in good laps. On Sunday, the top four stick drivers will square off in the Tremec Stick Shift Shootout, and while there are plenty of heavy hitters running in the 9s, Anthony Heard posted a mid-day 8.97 at 141 mph to set the pace for the gearbanger’s ball tomorrow.