Saturday Coverage— Borla Exhaust NMRA/NMCA All Star Nationals presented by Miller Welders

DJ LoiacanoThe racing program is getting underway as Friday’s event was cut short after an on-track incident, pushing the second round of qualifying for the NMRA heads-up categories to today. DJ Loiacano is the provisional top qualifier in VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw at the moment. His 4.51 at 159 mph, however, didn’t come without some drama as the driver’s side door blew off just past the 330 foot marker. Despite the doorless situation, he stayed wide-open and he joked, “whenever you are ahead of the Johnston and Joel Greathouse car (ed note: Greathouse was in the other lane), you don’t lift because that doesn’t always happen!” There are some heavy hitters who will be gunning for Loiacano when racing resumes today.

For those who missed qualifying sheets, including Scott Lovell, please the link <<here>>

The weekend is nowhere near finished yet but John Kauderer is definitely going home with a smile as he ran a new personal best during NMRA ProCharger Coyote Modified’s first round of qualifying. Kauderer who calls Buffalo, New York his home, drove his UDMC Racing ’14 Cobra Jet to an elapsed time of 8.160 at 164.33 mph with a 1.27-second 60-foot time which landed him in third. After purchasing the car new in April of ’14, Kauderer yanked the factory blower and replaced it with a Hellion single turbo kit, then hooked up with the guys at JPC Racing and the MMR-powered car’s been going quicker and faster on every run since. Thanks to help from Eric Holliday, as well as AEM and UPR, Kauderer is hoping to dip even lower into the 8s this weekend.

NMRA Edelbrock Renegade racer Valerie Clements joined the 7-second club during pre-race testing on Monday, April 4th, 2016 when she put down a run of 7.932 at 172.54 mph. She swapped her 2005 Mustang over from last year’s Mod motor to a new 360 ci pushrod setup with a ProCharger F1A-94 blower on it, and the combination is earning its keep. Issues with idling and bringing the car up to RPM on the start caused a temporary hiccup, but Bill Gillen and the Clements family, including Valerie’s brother Alton Jr. and her father Alton Sr., rallied and got back in the groove. In the first qualifying session, the young woman expertly cruised her way down the track and bested her previous performance with an even more impressive 7.864 at 172.63 mph hit. Clements current sits in third, with her brother taking the top spot in the class.

In addition to sunsets, puppies, and long walks on the beach, NMRA Race Pages Coyote Stock contender and New Jersey resident Carlos Sobrino also enjoys drag racing. Sobrino nailed the top qualifier position after the first session had been run, and his ’88 Mustang’s 10.324 at 127.46 mph pass was accomplished sans burnout as the car’s line lock wasn’t working at the time. “I like being the champion on Friday, but it sure doesn’t pay well!” laughed the man whose car carries the very appropriate nickname of “The Joker”. Sobrino relies on support from Fidanza, Downs Ford, Riccardi Racing, Hanlon Motorsports, Marsan Racing, and UPR, among others. Joined this weekend by crew chief Carlos Florenca, clutch management is key for the team in keeping their lead secured and Sobrino has an, ahem, unique way of making those critical adjustments.

NMRA G-Force Racing Transmissions Pure Street heavy hitters Teddy Weaver (top) and 2015 series champion Jimmy Wilson (bottom) have been battling back and forth for years. This weekend, though, they’re battling some serious headwinds that have been wreaking havoc on hopes, dreams, and elapsed times. After the first qualifying session, it was Weaver who was out in front with his ’01 Mustang and a 9.707 at 137.25 mph blast. He’s got a new carb on board from Bob Book at Book Racing Enterprises and feels like there’s plenty of ET left on the table. Wilson, however, was hot on his heels in second with his ’88 Mustang’s 9.741 at 137.64 mph blast and was busy worrying about how to stay warm in the unseasonably cold and windy weather – hence the portable heater – not whether or not he’ll be able to make up the difference. As we’re just getting started today, there’s still plenty of time for the two to leapfrog back and forth before eliminations begin and who will come out on top this weekend is anyone’s guess.

Florida-based NMRA Race Pages Coyote Stock young buck Tyler Eichhorn and his father, Tim, are having a blast despite the cold weather in Atlanta. Eichhorn has owned his Coyote-powered, stick-shift ’93 Mustang since he was sixteen years old, and now, just two years later, he’s already got a personal best of 10.41 at 130 mph under his belt. Eichhorn was selected for this weekend’s special Sealed Stock Shootout, and although he went early out with an unfortunate red light on a foul start, he couldn’t be happier with the fact that he was selected to participate at all. Eichhorn still has his whole weekend ahead of him as he presently is sitting mid-pack after the first round of qualifying in seventh with a 10.614 at 126.05 mph run – impressive considering the challenging, persistent headwinds.

12973458_10153697201013155_8781481231357620644_oA gear swap in the ATF Speed gear-drive was in order for Terry “Beefcake” Reeves prior to today’s qualifying round. Reeves increased the blower speed as he unleashed a career best of 7.84 at 175 mph. That marks him as the quickest supercharged Coyote car in all of the land and that run pushed him to the fifth qualified position through two of three rounds of qualifying.

Look out, NMRA ProCharger Coyote Modified – Johnny “Lightning” Wiker is comin’ in like a freight train with his ’13 Super Cobra Jet! Wiker and fellow CM racer Joe Guertin have been duking it out for bragging rights for ages, but after the second round of qualifying, Wiker’s earned his place on top. Displacing Guertin as the number one qualifier, Wiker’s second effort of 7.91 at 174.8 mph also easily bested both Guertin’s ET and speed records. After last year season, Wiker changed up his head program with some porting and went to a new cam profile, but this weekend, he knew he’d have to up the ante even more. In response, Wiker stepped up his tune a little and increased his two-step by 200 RPM, and will continue the trend in hopes of scoring a 7.80-something run.

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After some trouble with his bump box caused him to time out in the first round of Wiseco/VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw, New Yorker and KBX Performance team player Vince Palazzolo came back with a vengeance for round two. Running 110 pounds overweight with his Precision boosted, Bennett Racing Engines-built 400 ci SBF-powered ’03 Mustang, Palazzolo put down an impressive new personal best of 4.49 at 166 mph and wound up second after two rounds of qualifying. A small wheelie issue has popped up (pun intended), but with some tweaks to the car’s Menscer Motorsports double adjustable shocks and Nicky “Notch” Mancuso managing the tune of the car’s new Haltech system, that should be cleared up for round three. Palazzolo also runs a Mark Micke transmission, ProTorque converter, and Troy at Race Wires has been a big help to his program.

Moving to a new Vortech supercharger was a good choice for South Carolina-based NMRA Edelbrock Renegade driver Alton Clements. He’s held the number one qualifier position since we got started here in Georgia, first with his 7.707 at 173.43 mph and now with his impressive 7.64 at 179 mph blast in round two. Clements’ improvement was the result of him raising his car’s wing a touch to give some more down force to battle the pesky headwind that’s been sweeping up the track, and he’ll be heading into Q3 shortly to see if he can maintain his lead.

Good ol’ Georgia boy Charles Hull has been struggling to get down his Precision boosted, Bennett Racing Engines-equipped ’92 Mustang down the track this weekend in Wiseco/VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw. The car teased Hull with a strong 4.47 at 168 mph run during pre-race testing earlier this week, but hasn’t been able to repeat the performance since then. Hull’s narrowed it down to some chassis setup issues, and he’s been busy working through them in rounds one and two of qualifying. A new set of Mickey Thompson ET Streets have been added for extra security.

His 7.80-second pass in the second round of NMRA Edelbrock Renegade qualifying might not look like much, but Adam Arndt isn’t worried at all. After going 7.48 at the NMRA race in Florida earlier this year and coming back from a broken transmission, Arndt used the second session run to put a shakedown on the rebuilt Pro-Formance trans and converter. He was late to the party due to work commitments and missed out on the first session, but has been working with Jason Lee at P2P Racing for tuning guidance on his ProCharged Mustang and is confident that, if things go according to plan, it’ll be his name in the top spot after the third and final qualifier.

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Weather conditions have forced the end to today’s festivities and qualifying stands as-is with results posted <<HERE>>