Steeda’s Hardcore Test Mule Goes 9s

Steeda’s Silver Bullet S550 in-house project has been whittling away at the record for a stock engine/transmission, naturally aspirated S550 Mustang for a couple of years now and it seems every fall it has gone quicker and quicker. After taking a short detour to do some half-mile racing earlier in the year with the car, Steeda’s Director of Engineering and Manufacturing, Scott Boda, was back at the drag strip to take advantage of the dry and cool fall air. As you’ll see in the video and from the time slip, Boda drove the Silver Bullet to its first single-digit quarter-mile elapsed time, a 9.94 at 139.70 mph.

While the engine and transmission have largely gone unchanged internally for the most part, with just bolt-ons, fuel, and custom Lund Racing tuning adding a few more ponies under the hood, the Gen III Coyote received some upgrades for 2019, as the Steeda staff opened up the engine and installed a set of Comp Cams camshafts. Elsewhere, the Mustang’s drivetrain upgrades, namely a Circle D torque converter, a slew of Steeda suspension components, and a decent reduction in curb weight contributed to the Mustang’s on-track performance, but the 10R80 automatic transmission has remained stock until now.  The 10R80 still makes the gear changes going down track, but it has now been fortified with some much more capable McLeod by Raybestos clutches and steels that replace the factory ones that have held the fort down for over 150 full-throttle—and mostly 10-second—passes.

Boda and his  wife/crewchief, Chelsea, were using the track day at South Georgia Motorsports Park to fine-tune the new setup in preparation for the upcoming Mod Nationals in two week’s time at SGMP, when Boda clicked off the 9-second run.

As many times as Boda set the NA record with the Steeda 2018 Mustang, it was NMRA racer Robert Ball who beat him to the 9-second zone by, as Ball put it, “15 hours and 17 minutes.” After finishing 2nd in points in the NMRA’s Roush Performance Super Stang category for 2019, Ball was still putting laps on his 2015 Mustang GT post season and clocked a 9.93 just the day before Boda nabbed his 9-second slip. Ball and Boda’s cars share a number of similar modifications, including their Circle D torque converters, and custom Lund tuning of the factory PCMs.