Terminate the Competition—Tim Oswalt Dominates ZP Performance Steering Outlaw True Street | Presented by Nitto Tire

The Nitto Tire NMRA World Finals features a No Time heads-up class dubbed Outlaw True Street and ZP Performance Steering sponsors it. The format is simple—the competitors spend Friday and Saturday making test hits before they embark on a 30-mile cruise to prove they are street-worthy. The racing format has them running just an eighth-mile distance and adding to the drama is the random chip-draw technique for random pairings instead of a traditional ladder. The Saturday night special rewards the winner with a $2,500 purse and this year ZP Performance Steering added one of its new steering columns as part of the winning prize, bumping the kitty to over $3,000.

Tim Oswalt has been a long-time competitor in NMRA competition with his 2003 Terminator Cobra, a car that has seen a transformation from a supercharged setup into the twin turbo powerhouse that it is today. Before racing Outlaw True Street he could be found in the True Street and Spring Break Shootout ranks, then entering the Weld Racing Terminator vs. GT500 Shootouts when those came on the scene. He is an experienced racer in the No Time street car world having won a significant number of similar categories at events all across the Southeast and Texas. This year, he added another NMRA Victor trophy to his shelf with yet another win in the ZP Performance Steering Outlaw True Street.

His run to the finals began with a bye-run thanks to the luck of the draw with the random pairing technique. But round two would be his biggest test as he lined up against Dan Saitz. It was a battle of style—Saitz sporting a 400ci Windsor with a single Precision 88mm turbocharger while Oswalt’s Terminator is powered by a 4.6L Modular engine with a pair of Precision 6870 turbochargers. It was a close battle, one where we don’t have results to report because it is a No Time format and the only indicator of the performance was the win light turning on in Oswalt’s lane.

Round three saw him run into Mike Jovanis, who won Outlaw True Street earlier in 2018 during the Spring Break Shootout. Again, it was a single turbo against twins match-up and the twice turbocharged would move on to the final round, Oswalt’s third straight final in as many years of competing in Outlaw True Street. Sitting in the other lane was the luckiest racer on the property—David Capps. Capps beat Tony McKinney in the opening round of competition and then drew the bye-run for the second and third rounds! He literally coasted into the finals and unbeknownst to the competitors, Capps’ Mustang was wounded making the final round appearance that much more lucky.

The finale was anti-climatic, Capps staged to merely try and throw Oswalt off his game. The Alabama racer was too calm, cool, and collected as Oswalt hit the tree hard and ran it to half track before cutting off the gas pedal and coasting to the victory, $2,500 richer, and the recipient of a new ZP Performance Steering column worth over $500—not a bad weekend for Oswalt and his street cruiser.