The NMRA Contingency Program Isn’t Just For Your Car

Most racers are familiar with contingency programs. For those of you who may not be, essentially it’s a “pay-to-win” program in which a company will pay you every time you win or runner-up, provided you are running the appropriate decal and the qualifying part or parts on your car.

Generally, most racers will look at the contingency list when getting their car ready for the season and see who is paying what, in order to help guide parts choices for that year. Smart racers can really cash in on the contingency, with some winners claiming—and being paid for—almost twenty products on their car.

If you look at the pay sheet—$300 to win, $150 to runner-up in heads-up classes, and $150 to win, $75 to runner-up in the index classes—you can easily surpass the actual payout of the class in contingency alone. Now, the NMRA has implemented an additional contingency program that can put even more money in your pocket, without touching your racecar—the tow-vehicle contingency program.

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