Truly Impressive—Looking back at 10 of the most outstanding True Street machines in recent memory

Although the heads-up categories typically garner the most glory, True Street is an unsung hero of drag racing where tougher operational environments and a longer duration of racing demand a whole other caliber of performance. Definitely a challenge to be respected, NMRA QA1 True Street and NMCA TorqStorm True Street require street-legal vehicles to survive a 30-mile cruise that’s followed up by three back-to-back drag strip passes; cars that make the cut have been painstakingly prepared and well sorted out.

Making True Street even more impressive, though, is the fact that many of the entries run sub-10-second lap times, with many even dipping as low as the 8- or 7-second zone. As such, we started thinking about how many impressive machines have competed in this category in both the NMCA and NMRA ranks. After some serious bench racing, we came up with 10 of the baddest True Street drivers and machines to survive the street and blast down the track since the inception of the class.

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