We Need Your Used (Big) Tires

Much like Sarah McLachlan graces our television sets each holiday season with cries of help for all the sad animals “Think about what a dollar can do?” We have our own plea for you to consider as the racing season approaches.

In order for us to give racers the best racing surface possible, we need used tires to stick on the tire rotator. Not just any kind of tire (Yes, keep those 145SR13’s at home, please). We need big, beefy manly tires! Tires that make women faint when they see the size of them, and force lesser men to cower.

We’re looking for:

Any 16-inch Mickey Thompson or Goodyear Slicks

Preferred tires are:

M/T 3186 – 34.5/17/16

MT 3195 or 3196 – 35.0/15/16

MT 3190 or 3191 – 34.5/13.5/16

So, if you’re in the giving spirit, and have a few big (slicks) hanging around the shop, that you just haven’t had time to toss in the back of your truck and chuck into the nearest creek (that was sarcasm) – toss ‘em on your trailer, bring ‘em to Bradenton and let the NMCA and NMRA become your friendly (and free) tire-recycler.

We’ll appreciate you as much as all those poor abandoned cats and dogs do.