Where It All Started—Livernois Motorsports

With deep roots in the automotive industry, Livernois Motorsports came into existence when founder Dan Millen followed a different path than his family’s prior two generations. Now, Millen’s company specializes in late-model Ford, GM, and Chrysler performance parts, service, and tuning, and has become a name known around the world.

In 1949, Millen’s grandfather founded the original Livernois Engineering Company, named in honor of its location on Livernois Avenue in Detroit, Michigan.

“He provided heat exchangers and cooling parts for Ford Motor Company, and was the first company to make an aluminum radiator for Ford,” explained Millen, who started working in his family’s business when he was around 12 years old alongside his brother, Tom Millen.

Millen showed interest in performance, but wasn’t keen on the engineering side of things.

“I started working on cars on the side,” he recalled of how his teenaged hobby eventually transitioned into a customer-centric, sales-focused entity known as Livernois Motorsports. “I had just gotten out of high school, and around 2000 we realized we had enough going on to start something.”

As fate would have it, Stu Evans Motorsports in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, closed shop and Millen purchased its 36,000 square feet of space along with the engine building machinery. Several employees stayed on, and the budding business began to grow.

“We were good at losing money,” laughed Millen, whose venture slowly got out of the red. “Around ’05 we decided to focus on late-model Ford, GM, and Chrysler, instead of just taking whatever work came in, and that really helped solidify things.”

Although he had to learn the hard way at first, Millen’s streamlined plan helped Livernois grow over the past decade. Identifying the company’s strong suits served the company well, as did working with the EcoBoost platform.

“We were one of the first to be able to tune that engine, and then developed our own programmer for it,” he added of how the popular MyCalibrator line of products came to be.

Still located in its original location, Livernois Motorsports now employs a team of approximately 30 people, with one still remaining from the original Stu Evans acquisition. The shop boasts an expansive installation area for customer cars, multiple chassis dynamometers, an engine dyno, a full engine machine shop/build facility, a cylinder head development center with flow benches, CNC equipment, and more.

Livernois Motorsports continues developing and testing new products, and with hundreds of parts from other manufacturers also available, the company can supply virtually any high-performance product needed — all available for quick delivery through its vast distribution network.

Millen knows the importance of unparalleled service and top-quality parts when it comes to racing, as he has had a successful career as a driver. From his start racing Mustangs in the late ‘90s to several substantial street car builds, Millen earned multiple championship titles, including NMRA Super Street Outlaw in 2001, and set several records along the way. Today, Livernois Motorsports not only builds Coyote engines for several NMRA/NMCA racers, but is also a trusted name in the street scene.