Alsept Aiming for Factory Stock in Joliet

Brandon Alsept has accomplished a lot in his ’98 Mustang in his ten years in the NMRA and in his one year in the NMCA.

After earning G-Force Racing Transmissions Pure Street championships in ’08 and ’11, and a Mean Street championship in ’12, he climbed into friend and fellow racer Derek Kernodle’s ’96 Mustang, turned his focus to Race Pages Coyote Stock in ’13 and ’14 and ran to a few semifinals and a 10.32 on the rev limiter.

Back in his own car, which is powered by a Coyote engine and Tremec TKO by Liberty’s, he went for more Coyote Stock in ‘15, and spent much of the season sorting out his tune. While his efforts in the tough as nails class were paying off and he had so far in ’16 posted a best of 10.52 and earned a semifinal finish, he’s switching things up by taking his car to American Racing Headers Factory Stock beginning with the 11th Annual Nitto Tire NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Street legal Drag Racing, July 28–31, 2016, at Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, Illinois.

“Things have been going so-so in Coyote Stock, but I made the decision to move to Factory Stock after the recent rules changes in Coyote Stock,” said Alsept, who ran American Racing Headers Factory Stock for a few races in ’04. “It will be the easiest class to transition to considering I have a sealed Coyote engine, so I’ll run it for the rest of this season, and weigh my options in the off-season.”

Alsept 3

The change in classes comes with changes to Alsept’s program, as he will have to add 250 pounds to his car to bring it to the 3250 pound minimum weight, and he’ll roll on drag radials rather than slicks. He’s also confident that he’ll have to explore different suspension and ACT clutch set-ups, but will have help in that area from his crew, including multi-time Factory Stock champion Matt Amrine, Chuck Carter and Matt Callihan.

“We have a lot of time and expense in Matt’s Factory Stock car, so we’ll probably lean on his data to help give me a starting point,” said Alsept, of Cincinnati, Ohio. “We’ll also rely on HP Tuners to help change the tune to get away from the sealed engine tune and go to a custom tune.”

While Alsept won’t share what elapsed-time and mph he has his sights set on, he will say that he’s looking to pick up a little power to help offset the 250 pounds he has to add, and that he hopes to eventually run toward the top of the class, where the current records are the 10.619 held by James Meredith and the 126.64 mph held by Michael Washington.

“I’d like to say that everything will fall together for us right away, but that never happens,” said Alsept. “It will take time, but we’ll get there.”

Alsept 2