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2015-Newer Mustang Wilwood DynaPro4R Drag Race Brake Kits

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
2015-Newer Mustang Wilwood DynaPro4R Drag Race Brake Kits
Drag racers are always looking for ways to go quicker and one time-honored method is to reduce weight, especially rotating mass. Most stock brakes are heavy, so this is a great palce to start. Of course you need to size the brakes to the speed and weight of the vehicle, and Wilwood has a great, new kit to get the job done.
Speed is paramount, but when the run is over you want brakes that are up to the task without weighing down the vehicle. For 2015-and-newer Mustangs, Wilwood developed the DynaPro4R Drag Race front and rear brake kits.
The kits attach to the factory hubs and make use of lightweight, forged-aluminum hats. The rotors only weigh 5.7 pounds each and mount to the hats using the Wilwood T-nut system that allows the two pieces to move independently as it heat cycles. The companion DynaPro 4R four-piston aluminum calipers weigh just 4.1 pounds and are fitted with BP-20 compound SmartPads. They require a minimum of 17-inch wheels and are meant for drag racing use only.
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