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2023 Mod Nationals—Unleashing Ford Modular and Coyote Horsepower

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
2023 Mod Nationals—Unleashing Ford Modular and Coyote Horsepower
By Evan J. Smith
This past weekend, Ford enthusiasts headed south for the popular Accufab Mod Nationals presented by Suncoast Performance. The event centers around Blue Oval Modular- and Coyote-powered vehicles from stock to some capable of 6s at over 200 mph in the quarter-mile.
Event promotor Justin Young puts an emphasis on racer’s having fun and he accomplished his goal as we saw over 240 racers enjoying the sticky Bradenton track under the warm Florida sun. He also wrangled over $100,000 in prize money thanks to the bevy of sponsors who help out.
Mod Nationals has something for every level of racer, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro and whether you’re running 14s in the quarter, or 4’s in the 1/8-mile. Young has it broken down with a variety of niche categories to suit the various Mustangs, Fords and Mercs. For instance, classes include True Street (similar to NMRA), Driver Mod (for street-type stick racers), 9.50 Index, plus there are two GT500 classes, two classes for 6R80/10R-equipped cars, truck classes and more (see the results). And Open Comp is available for non-Fords or non-modular/Coyote cars and trucks, too. In total, we counted 17 categories!
Mod Nationals was a fun way to cap off the racing season and we look forward to returning in 2024.

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