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Appeal Review Panel Decision – Charlie Booze

May 30, 2023  – The Review Panel has reached a decision in the appeal filed by Charlie Booze Jr. based on the Statement of action issued for the rule infraction where Booze was found to have a prohibited modification by rule in Coyote Stock at the NMRA Spring Break Shootout event in March 2023.  
The Appeals Panel, based on the nature of the infraction, (racer was found to be using a prohibited crankcase ventilation system installed for an on-track performance gain) and historical precedence in similar matters, has ruled that the suspension shall be three (3) concurrent events beginning May 25, 2023.  
This suspension includes both the Driver (Charlie Booze Jr) prohibited from any competition privileges (including Driving or Crewing) and the Car in question (from any NMRA competition) for three (3) concurrent NMRA events, effective immediately. 
This Decision is Final and Not open for Appeal. 

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