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Atturo AZ850DR Drag Radial Tires

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Atturo AZ850DR Drag Radial Tires
Cars that split time between the street and the drag strip need a tire that can easily transition between the two environments. Designed to do just that, Atturo Tire’s D.O.T.-compliant AZ850DR features a directional design with an extra wide shoulder tread, large center contact strip, and ultra-sticky compound.
Its expansive shoulder section improves launch, while the center tread channel maintains straight-line stability and the tread compound formulation delivers improved grip on the road and track. They are available 18-, 19-, and 20-inch sizes. “People who own muscle cars, whether it’s a Challenger, Charger, Mustang or Camaro, are enthusiasts about their vehicle,” Atturo Tire President Michael Mathis explains.
“One thing they loved about Atturo is that we were delivering great value compared to the overpriced original equipment tires that they normally had on their vehicles. And we found the muscle car market to be like the Jeep segment – both are full of enthusiasts who love their vehicle and are highly likely to modify it.”
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