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Classic Concept Refined for Today

Posted By: Scott Sparrow
In the late 1990s a new concept was brought into the Mustang marketplace air-to-water intercoolers. Vortech certainly didn't invent the air-to-water intercooler; it merely packaged it so that the average enthusiast can bolt one on to their Mustang with relative ease. Officially named the Mondo Cooler, enthusiasts instantly branded it as the Igloo due to a mix of ice and water to help chill the boost. Vortech had released the Igloo in conjunction with its big superchargers of the time, like the J- and X-trim units, but eventually all types of boosted applications turned to that setup. The concept was simple a box served as the upper plenum and had an intercooler core wedged between two lids. A variety of base plates allowed racers to adapt the Igloo to popular 5.0 lower intake manifolds of the day. The Igloo became an instant icon in the marketplace and etched itself in the history books of hot rodding. Twenty years later and the concept is still a viable and effective one in the high-performance market and Shearer Fabrications helped adapt it to today's high- flowing boost makers. To see what has changed, follow the link >> HERE<<  

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