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Deneen Segura Claims TREMEC All-Female True Street Title

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Deneen Segura Claims BBK All-Female True Street Title
By the NMRA Staff
Following a runner-up finish at last year’s NMRA season-opener, Deneen Segura rallied to win the overall title in the TREMEC All Female True Street class, held during the Spring Break Shootout at Gainesville Raceway. 
Segura, of Ft. Myers, Fla., drove her 1988 Mustang to a 9.59-second average to secure the title, narrowly holding off rival Kimberly Wood, who was close behind with a 9.66-second average. 
After completing the required 30-mile street cruise, Segura opened the three-race competition with a 9.71 and then improved with a 9.52 and a 9.54 to finish the day. 
Wood, of Uniontown, Ohio, finished second, but just barely, with a 9.66 average in her 2014 Mustang. Wood was consistent with three runs of 9.66, 9.71, and 9.63.  
Circle D Specialties True Street, and the accompanying TREMEC All Female True Street category, have long been a staple of NMRA events. The competition allows for any Ford, Lincoln or Mercury and most importantly, any skill level, and includes a 30-mile street drive, followed by back-to-back-to-back runs down the track with the quickest average winning the title. There also awards for runs closest to individual E.T. breaks such as 9.00, 10.00, 11.00, 12.00, etc.
Kimberly Walter, of Bucyrus, Ohio, collected the victory in the 10.00 class thanks to a three-run average of 10.09. Walter, in her vintage ’66 Mustang, took the scenic route to the title with runs of 11.92, 8.89, and 9.48. Walter held off Sally Schwemley, who finished with a 10.26 average for her three runs.
Over the past few seasons, the 14.00 class has been dominated by Elaine Moistner and the Dublin, Ind., resident did it again in Gainesville wheeling her 2014 Mustang to a 14.04 average. Moistner opened with a quick 13.85 and then adjusted her average with runs of 14.02 and 14.24 to secure the title. At least five other drivers were in contention for the 14.00 class.
Luan Walker of Clewiston, Fla., was the winner of the 15.00 class thanks to a perfect 15.00 average. Walker drove her 1998 Mustang to consecutive runs of 15.72, 14.64, and a 14.63 to hit the bullseye.
In addition to cash prizes, each of the winners received a special jacket from TREMEC, while overall champion Segura also received a bonus from Mickey Thompson.
The TREMEC All-Female True Street will also be contested at the NMRA Ford Homecoming in Norwalk, Ohio June 6-9, and at the NMRA World Finals in Bowling Green Ky. September 26-29.

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