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Friday Coverage 16th Annual WyoTech NMRA Ford Motorsport Nationals, Presented by Juggernaut Power

Posted By: Mike Galimi
The reboot of the WyoTech Ford Motorsports Nationals, presented by Juggernaut Power has been building up hype over the past several months but has stalled right now as precipitation has kept the racecars in the pits and the track quiet. The entire NMRA community is in a holding pattern, waiting on a break from weather today but tomorrow has a favorable forecast. Some of the highlights of the nearly 300 cars on the property at Maple Grove Raceway includes the VMP Performance Terminator vs. GT500 Shootout. The photo above is the famous Evolution Performance 2007 Shelby GT500 that kicked off the shop's nationwide fame. After sitting dormant for many years, they dusted it off and put it back into service. Brian Devilbiss left his Devil's Reject at home and will be the hot shoe for the Kenne Bell supercharged machine. The team is gunning for the 7s after running a string of low 8s last year with a Kenne Bell 3.6L supercharger. Evolution tossed on a 4.7L supercharger for this race. MG1_0364 copyWhat lurks beneath the towel John Kauderer was keeping his new boost maker warm under the towel as racers are all dressed up by nowhere to go as we are on hold until the track is dried. Recent rule updates to ProCharger Coyote Modified allow the turbocharged racers a chance to run a larger 76mm inducer but are still restricted on the exhaust side to just a T4-style housing. Kauderer and fellow JPC Racing stablemate Jeff Polivka only received their new Forced Inductions turbos earlier this week. A private No Time test session at Maryland International Raceway produced favorable results but they were unspecific about the numbers. MG1_0390 copy copyNo, Joe Guertin didn't add a turbocharger to his Coyote Modified ride. That is a newly-legalized gear drive that Guertin picked up from ATF Speed for his ProCharger F-1A supercharger. After breaking three crankshafts, the gear drive was legalized to help minimize the damage. The car still utilizes an air-to-air intercooler. Guertin finished the car late the other night and has zero test hits with the new unit. MG1_0369 copyRonnie "The Modfather" Diaz is hot off a new career best of 4.42 at 167 mph out his Acors Performance-built machine during a test hit at Maryland International Raceway two weeks ago. The 5.4L Mod motor is pumped by a Precision Pro Mod 98mm turbocharger as he chases after the Street Outlaw title. MG1_0401-2A unique element of the Ford Motorsport Nationals is a Stock/Super Stock combo race, sponsored by Micro Strategies. The Bongiovanni Racing team is here with four Cobra Jets in various types of trim and ready for action, as soon as the track dries. MG1_0441 copyOne of the special shootouts this weekend is the Turbo Coyote Shootout, sponsored by JPC Racing. Melissa Urist unbolted the back wheels to swap on a fresh pair of drag radials. She ran 8.90s in Florida, competed in True Street in Georgia and in the low 9s, and now she is looking to get up and go even quicker this weekend with the boost-friendly weather. MG1_0454 copy copy-2It lives Bart Tobener and his brand-spanking-new 2015 Mustang GT runs, drives, and will make its maiden voyage down the drag strip. The turbocharged Coyote-powered car is entered in Edelbrock Renegade. MG1_0460 copy"9s or Bust," was the short and sweet comment he made to us when we walked up to his 2015 Mustang EcoBoost. The record-holding machine has gone 10.58 at 128 mph heading into this event. A new Custom Performance Engineering EcoBoost engine has been nestled between the framerails along with a larger Precision 6866 turbocharger.   INDEX QUALIFYING <<HERE>> The bad news is that Friday's Qualifying session is canceled as it wasn't the rain that got us but rather a nasty transmission oil incident on track. NMRA Event Director Rollie Miller made the safety call to pull the plug due to track conditions, requiring an overnight repair including scraping and dragging to remove the oil completely. Racing resumes 9AM tomorrow morning and we will go right into qualifying with two rounds for NMRA categories and run QA1 True Street, followed by eliminations. Please check the NMRA Facebook page for a Saturday race schedule. NMRA officials are concerned about potential weather on Sunday, as a result we will be running through the program as quick as possible on Saturday.

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