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MAHLE Motorsport Introduces Ford 5.0L Modular Coyote Gen 3 Direct Injected PowerPak Piston Set

Posted By: Evan J. Smith

MAHLE Motorsport Introduces Ford 5.0L Modular Coyote 
Gen 3 Direct Injected PowerPak Piston Set
Here's great news for anyone running a Gen3 5.0L Coyote Ford. Racers and engine builders can now indulge in their quest for more power with the introduction of MAHLE Motorsport’s new Ford 5.0L, Modular Coyote PowerPak Piston set for 2018-up engines. This piston set is designed to lower the compression ratio to 10.4-to-1. This is important when using a power adder and ghoiong for high horsepower in your Coyote build.
The pistons are dual-coated with phosphate and MAHLE’s proprietary GRAFAL® coating for reduced drag and wear. This set features hard-anodized top ring grooves for maximum durability for extreme-duty applications, and comes complete with a 1.0, 1.0, 2.0mm file-fit performance ring set, and 0.177 wall pins, each weighing 118 grams. The piston compression height is 1.167 and weighs 383 grams. The slipper skirt forged piston set utilizes a low-silicon 2618 alloy for high-load, high-stress applications.
For more information about MAHLE Motorsport’s Ford Coyote PowerPak set (part# 930258762), visit the MAHLE Motorsport booth #1601 at the 2022 PRI Show, visit, or call MAHLE Motorsport toll free at 888-255-1942.

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