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Posted By: Steve Baur
Stroud Safety has designed and is producing a SFI 4.1 rated Ballistic Blanket for the increasingly popular Ford 6R80 transmission. This blanket features seamless ballistic nylon construction, high-strength straps, and hardware to fit most applications. The 6R80 transmission is found in 2011+ Mustangs and is popular in the swapped engine classes. It's extremely strong from the factory and ready to race with a few upgraded parts. Stroud Safety has been supplying competitive drivers with Drag Chutes and Launchers, Seat Belts, Window Nets, Ballistic Blankets and Diapers, Fire Suits, Safety Apparel, Fire Suppression Kits, and more for 30 years! Stroud re-certifies all their SFI rated products and specializes in custom design applications for many of their products. Call 405-632-2022 for free catalog, visit the website at for more information.

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