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New Boost: 2019-2023 Ford Ranger Intercooler Upgrade

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
New Boost: 2019-2023 Ford Ranger Intercooler Upgrade
By Evan J. Smith
Along with the 5.0L Coyote V8, Ford’s EcoBoost has made waves with enthusiasts. And with that, the Ford Ranger was a surprise success, too. Whether you’re towing, hitting the trails or the open road, Ranger owners want more power and Livernois Motorsports and Engineering has a perfect upgrade.
Like most EcoBoost vehicles, the intercooler on the 2.3L Ranger may not up to the task of keeping the intake temperatures as cool as you’d like—especially when being used under heavy load. So following the success of Livernois’ Ford Mustang GT500 and Ford F-150 intercoolers, the team expanded the its product line to include a kit for the 2019-2023 2.3L Ford Ranger.
“The main issue when adding more power to the Ranger is power-robbing heat soak caused from running higher boost levels,” said Dan Millen of Livernois. “All turbocharged vehicles benefit from cooler and more dense air, allowing more power to be made, while increasing safety margin towards detonation. By increasing the turbo system’s cooling efficiency, without dramatically impacting pressure drop across the intercooler, we were able to provide the additional power you want.”
The Livernois intercooler boasts an 80-percent larger cooling area, while using all OEM connection hardware. It’s nearly 1.5-inches thicker and the direct bold-on design makes installation quick and easy.
Features include:
High Flow design for reduced pressure drop compared to competitors, Increased surface area for improved thermal exchange, reducing intake temperatures by up to 60 degrees over stock, 40-percent increase in cooling area, nearly 1-inch thicker than production cooler, direct bolt-on design to allow for easy installation, eliminates failure prone (snap ring) Boost Tube retention system, includes all necessary connection hardware, and is compatible with all Livernois Motorsports Performance Upgrades.
Livernois also offers intercooler kits for 2011-2014 EcoBoost F-150; 2010-2019 Taurus SHO; 2021-2023 F-150 and many more vehicles. In fact, Livernois sells a complete line of performance parts and it also offers custom engine building and tuning (with chassis and engine dyno services).
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