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NMRA Coyote Stock Engine Platform update

Posted By: Steve Baur
August 9, 2023 – NMRA Coyote Stock Engine Platform update
NMRA and Ford Performance debuted the Ford Coyote Gen III sealed Engine package in the NMRA Coyote Stock Class in 2021.  The original goal for the Gen III, was to have it as the Class engine package for 2021-2024 and transition to the Gen IV in 2025.  As things have progressed over the last 2 years, we are revising that timeline for the Gen IV introduction into Coyote Stock. 
The NMRA Tech Committee working with Ford Performance are now projecting the introduction of the Ford Coyote Gen IV sealed engine package into NMRA Coyote Stock competition for the 2026 season.
NMRA Tech and Ford Performance will begin development of the Gen IV engine in Coyote Stock Trim sometime in the first quarter of 2024. This testing will explore all the challenges the Gen IV will have in Coyote Stock Trim and develop a Sealed Tune for the projected introduction in 2026.
Racers can feel secure in knowing that the Gen III engine will be the NMRA Coyote Stock Engine through the 2025 season at a minimum.  Ford Performance currently has a good quantity of sealed Gen III engines available.  Racers wishing to purchase an additional Gen III engine or those wishing to enter the class for the first time can contact Ford Performance. 
Current NMRA Coyote Stock Rules can be found here:  
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