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Power and Beef for the Street

Posted By: Scott Sparrow
Most performance enthusiasts that get their kicks in a straight line do so with a traditional solid axle set-up, and although the IRS platform can hold an edge in handling and ride quality, parts to support increased power levels and track abuse were in short supply in the past. But the aftermarket has responded in recent years, creating parts to beef up the IRS and make it capable of handling lots of horsepower and torque. That's music to the ears of 1999-2004 Mustang Cobra owners, specifically the 2003-2004 Cobra platform. Packing a supercharged bullet rated at 390 horsepower and backed by a 6-speed manual transmission, the IRS proved to be a crutch for some and the breaking point for others with factory parts. Floridian Jeff Smith has been testing the limits of his 2004 Cobra since he brought it four years ago. Despite wearing the rare Competition Orange hue that makes it a collector car for some, Smith regularly exercises his Terminator coupe at test and tune nights and stick shift shootouts around his central Florida hometown, as well as adding thousands of street miles.
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