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Saturday Coverage 12th Annual NNMRA/NMCA Nitto Tire Super Bowl of Street Legal Drag Racing, presented by Precision Turbo

Posted By: Mike Galimi
As we roll into the second day of this three-day event at Route 66 Raceway, things are hurriedly heating up, and while drivers of the NMRA and NMCA are playing nicely in their respective series for now, winners in each on Sunday will form Team NMRA and Team NMCA and race in a run-off to determine which team wins and which drivers leave the track with a highly coveted Nitto Diamond Tree Ring. While we hope you can join us in person, SpeedVideo is capturing the action via a live feed, and you can view it by clicking HERE Two rounds of qualifying went down on Saturday and here is a recap: In VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw, it's the 2016 season champion, Jacky McCarty of McCarty Performance with his '92 Mustang who are leading the way with a 4.375 at 163.57 mph hit. Edelbrock Renegade has Frank Varela of Hellion Turbo's "B-Team" in the lead, thanks to a 7.452 at 179.56 mph pass from his Work turbocharged '90 Mustang. Tommy Annunziata and his Peoples Bank-backed '14 Cobra Jet is currently the only driver in the 7s for ProCharger Coyote Modified. His 7.815 at 174.64 mph blast has him at the front of the field. It's a close battle in Richmond Gear Factory Stock, but Mike Bowen pushed his '71 Maverick to click off a 10.719 at 122.68 mph hit and claim the top spot. G-Force Racing Transmissions Coyote Stock was a tough one yesterday, as many drivers spun and found themselves scratching their heads. Charlie Booze, Junior, however, had no problems getting down the track and his 10.224 at 129.69 mph pass proved it. Booze is currently sitting in the number one spot. Aerospace Components Open Comp has a large field of 27 cars, but it was Charlie Atkinson who cut a near-perfect reaction time of 0.001-seconds and landed at the top of the list. Similarly, in Exedy Modular Muscle, Lloyd Mikeska's 0.002-second reaction time put him in the lead as well. Meanwhile, Roush Super Stang racer Marvin Knack left the line just 0.008-seconds after the green light lit and he is currently holding down the fort in the number on position as well. In Race Pages Ford Muscle, Mike Zerbe selected a dial in of 11.50 for his '90 Mustang and ran dead-on with an 11.500-second elapsed time and rightfully rocketed to the front of the qualifying order. With Chris Holbrook of Holbrook Racing Engines on speed dial, "Dyno Joe" Cram has been bouncing ideas back and forth on how to get his 2006 Saleen Mustang to run quicker and faster in the ProCharger Coyote Modified category. Cram made a few changes, but wanted to remain tight-lipped on the specifics. Qualified fourth, the ProCharger-powered S197 delivered Cram to the finish line in just 8.298 seconds at 162.76 mph. The true story lies in the details of the time slip where a soft sixty-foot time has Cram smiling ear-to-ear. He turned it up last night and the front-end began rise quickly, the driver blipped the throttle, and set it down but didn't improve his qualifying position. He is looking to improve on his 8.298 run in the third and final round of qualifying. Provisional number one qualifier in ProCharger Coyote Modified, Tommy Annunziata of LaRocca Performance, is looking to maintain his lead going into the final session. Running his Whipple-supercharged and Peoples Bank-banked 14 Mustang Cobra Jet, Annunziata is the only drivers to break into the 7s so far this weekend his 7.815 at 174.64 mph hit came courtesy of all new UPR Products suspension components and a solid tune up. Annunziata alluded to the fact that he recently ran a 7.769 at 178.97 mph pass with a 1.15-second sixty-foot at home testing and is confident the car's got a lot more in it. Five-time world champion Charlie Booze, Junior, is back in Justin Fogelsonger's 86 Mustang coupe known as Gold Dust in G-Force Racing Transmissions Coyote Stock this weekend. A new set of Ford gears that had been lightened by Innovators West seem to have helped the car pick up some speed, and the 10.224 at 129.69 mph pass that Booze laid down in qualifying earlier earned him the number one spot. For the last hit before eliminations, Booze is staying the course and will only make a minor clutch adjustment. Edelbrock Renegade racer Tony Hobson and his wife, Lydia, have plenty of reason to celebrate today. Hobson just put down a killer new personal best of 7.514 at 184.52 mph pass in his turbocharged JPC Racing 14 Mustang. Hobson credits Mark Micke for the recent work on his transmission and converter, and says it's been a big help in stepping up his program. Plus, the new Menscer Motorsports shocks have helped the car come around a bunch, and Hobson's hoping to improve his current position as number three in the pack before the order is finalized. ProCharger Coyote Modified driver Jeff Polivka in the JPC Racing camp is having fun playing with his 13 Mustang's new AEM CD7 dash. Polivka's been having a few transmission and converter issues recently, but a borrowed converter from MX235 racer Justin Cyrnek seems to have alleviated the issue. The one thing they're not having problems with, though, is the AEM unit and the whole team is having fun learning the new toy. On the other side of the JPC pit is John Kauderer's beautiful UDMC Racing-backed 14 Cobra Jet. Running MMR power boosted by a Forced Inductions turbocharger and a turbo 400 from RPM Transmissions, Kauderer car's blew the tires off in the second qualifying session. Regardless, he maintained his number two position in the ProCharger Coyote Modified qualifying order, and he's confident he'll put his new Santhuff shocks to good use the next time out. Charlie Booze Jr. has rocketed to the front of the G-Force Racing Transmissions Coyote Stock since debuting Justin Fogelsonger's Gold Dust coupe two-and-a-half races ago. After three rounds of qualifying the five-time NMRA/NMCA champion topped the field with a stout 10.210 at 128.81 mph. Pulling up behind Booze is another member of the Booze Brothers Racing team, Nate Stymiest. And rounding out the top three is Carlos Sobrino after throwing caution to the wind and coming to Illinois untested. Russell Stone debuted a new Kuntz and Company Mustang at the NMRA Super Nationals with team driver Dwayne Barbaree behind the wheel. This race, the team brought a second car to the mix a 1986 Mustang GT that was at this race last year with a nitrous combination. This year, Stone wanted to show the potential of one of Kuntz and Company's most popular combinations. A 360ci engine, based on an 8.7-inch deck block, wears a set of Brodix Head Hunter 15-degree cylinder heads and utilizes a Precision 94mm turbocharger. Stone drove it to a best of 4.442 at 163.28 mph, which puts him eighth in the 21-car field. It took a few runs to get the Bud Light can running hard in Edelbrock Renegade and when the tune-up was on, Frank Varela unleashed a best of 7.452 at 179.56 mph last night, which held up for the top position on the ladder after qualifying concluded. The Hellion Racing B-Team member didn't have the top speed in the category. That honor went to fellow turbo Coyote racer Tony Hobson, who had a high speed of 184.52 mph. It has hardly been an easy season for veteran racer John Leslie, Jr. and his Richmond Gear Factory Stock racecar. The car has eaten up its fair share of transmissions this year, rumored to be a mechanical issue. Another broken box occurred during the first round of qualifying almost took him out of competition. Luckily a friend offered a mildly modified Tremec T5 transmission for him to use so he can complete the weekend. Leslie will be granny-shifting the delicate box as first round of eliminations is coming up. The car is fast as Leslie is the current class record holder with a 10.56 elapsed time. What to do during the between rounds If you're Ben M., 10, you run around in tires making engine noises. Because racecar. ;) After some issues with premature shifting, Andrew DeMarco's crew guys decided to leave a friendly reminder on the dash of his VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw 86 Mustang. Think he'll get the memo Brian Mitchell lifted the heads on his Mike Curcio Race Products-built 390 ci on Friday, but a new set of head gaskets made for a quick fix. Mitchell's racing Adam Arndt's ProCharged 88 Mustang while Arndt is deployed overseas, and qualified fifth in Edelbrock Renegade with a 7.530 at 180.98 mph blast. It's steady as she goes for Dom DiDonato and his C&D Auto Tech 08 Mustang Cobra. DiDonato was the big winner in Edelbrock Renegade at this year's season opener in Bradenton, and he's hoping that his turbocharged 358 ci engine and M&M Transmission combination will pack enough of a wallop to do the deed a second time around this weekend. He is sitting in fourth on a 7.516 at 177.74 mph going into the first round where he'll face off against Bob Cook. Louisiana-based Edelbrock Renegade racer Curtis Catalon wound up fifth after three rounds of qualifying on a best run of 7.558 at 163.89 mph, but we just think the contrast between the burnout rubber and his 03 Cobra's white paint looks pretty cool. Qualifying results can be found HERE Elimination results can be found HERE

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