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Urgent Reminder-Snell 2010 Helmets Expire 12/31/21

Posted By: Mike Galimi

As we celebrate the upcoming New Year, this serves as a reminder that Snell SA2010, M2010, and SFI 2010 certified helmets will be expired as of 1/1/2022. The NMRA Ford Nationals and NMCA Muscle Car Nationals will require Snell SA2015, M2015, M2020, SA2020, or newer SFI certified rated helmets in 2022 and beyond. The off-season is also a great time to inspect all of your dated safety gear such as belts, jackets, pants, etc. to ensure their legality for the upcoming season.NMRA, Snell, SA2010, SA2015, SA2020, Simpson helmet, Racequip

Several supporters of NMRA and NMCA sell up-to-date Snell rated helmets, such as RaceQuip and Simpson Racing Products, and many retailers like UPR Products and Florida Performance, along with several others keep these products in stock. Jump on those holiday deals to get the latest protection for the head on your shoulders; you’re only issued one of them at birth and there is no replacement or New Old Stock available at this time, so be sure to have an up-to-date helmet to protect it.

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