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Victor II 5.0L Coyote Intake Manifold from Edelbrock

Posted By: Scott Sparrow
The Edelbrock Victor II intake manifold (#7180) is designed for use with Ford Coyote engines running in the 1500 - 7500 RPM operating range. It features long tapered, crossover-style runners with a large plenum for outstanding performance. The cast aluminum construction makes this manifold ideal for nitrous, supercharged and turbo applications. This intake manifold also includes provisions for all emissions equipment and retains the stock fuel rail. The Victor II also features cast bosses on the runners for a direct port nitrous system for competition applications. Plus, the low profile design allows it to fit all factory 2011-16 Ford Mustang hoods and strut tower braces. It's also compatible with Ford Performance Parts 90mm throttle body without the need for an adapter. Engine dyno testing resulted in 27 more ft-lbs. of torque over a common aftermarket plastic upgrade intake manifold and an additional 16 horsepower over the stock intake manifold.

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