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Vortech V-13 94C Supercharger Upgrade

Posted By: Evan J. Smith

Vortech V-13 94C Supercharger Upgrade

Vortech Engineering has been a leader in the centrifugal supercharger market for decades, helping street enthusiasts and racers make big power. Power that wins races and championships. The company is constantly designing and developing in order to give enthusiasts of all levels the edge, whether it's on the street or track.

For those looking to boost power without bolting on a massive supercharger, Vortech developed its 
V-13 94C supercharger. A direct upgrade for the storied V-7 centrifugal supercharger, this V-13 94C features a heavy-duty billet gear case, a 3.45:1 internal step-up ratio, and a 65,000-rpm impeller redline. It is rated for more than 35 pounds of boost, 1,950 cfm, and 1,500 horsepower. It does all that with a peak efficiency of 78 percent.

It's offered in clockwise and countrer-clockwise rotation and can be had with a black, polished or black/polished finish. For more information, contact Vortech Engineering at or call 805/247-0226.

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