Buginga & Bruders Headed for NMRA Maple Grove & NHRA New England

While Manny Buginga holds the NMRA and NMCA VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw records with a 4.334 and 177.47 and 4.33 and 169.74 respectively, he has his sights set on bettering them at the 17th Annual WyoTech NMRA Ford Motorsport Nationals, May 4-7 at Maple Grove Raceway in Pennsylvania.

And because his red MJM Construction Corp.-backed New Edge Mustang motivated by a DiSomma Racing Engines-built 400ci bullet and 98mm Turbonetics turbo is ready to rumble, he’s helping Rich and Nick Bruder prepare Buginga’s other car, a red Fox body Mustang, for Rich Bruder to pilot in VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw at the same event.

When we first reported that news back in March, DiSomma Racing Engines was in the process of building for the Fox body Mustang a 400ci Ford engine topped with Visner Engine Development heads and a Visner Engine Development intake to pair with a ProCharger F-1X-12R.

Now, however, the engine is done and awaiting a date on the dyno before it’s mated with a Proformance Racing Transmissions-built Turbo 400 and Neal Chance converter in preparation for a test session early in the week at Maple Grove Raceway.

The Bruders will tune the combination using a FuelTech engine management system, and according to Buginga, the team hopes to pop off 4.30s in the car which rolls on 275 radials.

“I know turbos, but I don’t know blowers, so that combination is pretty much Rich and Nick’s baby, and I’m basically just the idiot paying the bills,” said Buginga.

After the event, Rich Bruder will get back into the Mustang he shares with his brother, Nick Bruder, and Buginga will get into his Fox body Mustang for the New England X275 vs. X275 category being offered as part of the NHRA New England Nationals, June 2-4 at New England Dragway in Epping, New Hampshire.

“The only thing we have to do to my Fox body Mustang after Rich drives it to have it ready for the New England X275 vs. X275 race is swap blowers and pull the driver’s seat up because Rich is a little fatter than me,” said the always-amusing Buginga.

Torrey Browne assembled the New England-based team members, whose names on the roster appear as Manny Buginga, Mark Dykeman, MacDonald/Gonzalez, Robert Baptista and Tommy DePriest, and John Sears assembled the opposing team members, whose names on the roster appear as Matters/Fiscus, Bruder Brothers, Dean Marinis, Brendan Mills and Alex Hays.

“It was nice to be invited to take part in the New England X275 vs. X275 race, and it’s a dream to compete on the same track as NHRA racers I have watched through the years,” said Buginga, whose crew includes his wife, Jen, children, Manny and Lilly, Bobby Demelo, Rich and Nick Bruder, TJ Strange and Pat Speers, among others. “I’m looking forward to it.”