Building Power with Brenspeed

Recently we kicked off a short series project to turn a mild street/street 2008 Mustang GT into a 10-second rocket. The goal was to highlight the potential of a real world Three- Valve engine combination, which is often overlooked in today’s big power Coyote market. The boys at Brenspeed completed the 326ci long-block, which is like a mountain motor in the 4.6L market. Now, the Indiana-based specialty shop finished the engine, installed it in our test subject, and tuned it up on its in-house dyno.

To review the details—two-time NMRA champion Kent Nine assembled a 326ci that is based in a Ford Performance Boss 302 engine block. He filled it with the Brenspeed stroker kit that includes a steel crankshaft, Manley H-beam connecting rods and forged pistons. A set of Ford Performance CNC-ported Three-Valve cylinder heads and a pair of Comp Cams sticks topped the engine. This month, the Roush R2300 supercharger kit is swapped over to the 326ci long-block and a set of Stainless Works long-tube headers were added, along with the ancillary items like alternator, water pump, etc. to make the engine complete. The engine was bolted on to the BMR K-member before it was reinstalled between the fenders.


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