NMRA Tech Readjusts Steeda Limited Street To Address Parity

“Just like with the turbocharged combination adjustment earlier this season, we are keeping a close eye on Limited Street and would make changes if needed. Those changes are to keep the class competitive and also keep the field away from the SFI 25.5 cage requirement,” commented NMRA tech director Lonnie Grim. Effective immediately, the supercharged combinations have some adjustments with the Vortech V-1, V-2, and V-3 superchargers with the Ti configuration being reclassified as a Group 2 supercharger and additional weight added to that group. Grim continued, “we looked at a variety of ways at keeping a few combinations consistent with the rest of the class and felt this was the best course of action. For those who don’t want to add weight with the grouping change, there is still the option of a different head unit in the Group 1 superchargers.”

Steeda Limited Street