IRS? No Problem

When the S550 neared it release date, and reliable info began to surface about the running gear, the drag race crowd was in the unfortunate position of having to accept a new Mustang that didn’t even have the option of a solid axle. Were the days of broken axles and differentials of the Terminator Cobras upon us again? It certainly seemed that way. Then the car was released and the question wasn’t directly answered. The car was a step up in styling and comfort from the outgoing S197. The Coyote returned and there were a few more ponies, but the IRS was the unknown. It didn’t take long for the Mustang faithful to hit the strip, and seemingly right away, the rumors of axle and differential failures began to surface.

One of the first to get their hands on the S550 was Kelly Aiken of Trinity, Florida and in early September 2014, he hit the drag strip. The automatic-equipped, Deep Impact Blue GT laid down a couple of low 12- second passes with nothing more than a set of sticky tires and few pounds removed. The Internet erupted at the news and everyone was hopeful that the IRS was stout enough for hard launches. While Aiken was happy to be a Guinea pig, he had more ambitious plans. Even before the car was built, he had teamed up with many prominent aftermarket companies in an effort to push the S550 performance envelope.

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