All Aboard – Randy Seward’s Pony Express Cross Country Trip is Underway | Presented by Nitto Tire

The inevitable bucket list always has a “pie-in-the-sky” entry that daydreamers wish for, but likely never experience. So when Randy Seward hatched his plan of a cross-country trip to visit 47 drag strips in just over two months’ time, it sounded too magical to most gearheads. Adding more doubt would be to do it in Seward’s 8-second ’92 Mustang with no trailer and no support car. Read about his official announcement <HERE>

Some might be a bit skeptical. However, Seward has the experience and determination that would make a few reconsider. He completed Hot Rod’s Drag Week, a grueling competition where competing at five tracks and 1,000-plus street miles are racked up in five days. If that’s not enough, Seward traveled from New Mexico to Florida to compete in NMRA and NMCA True Street competition, grabbing the top spot in both, before trekking the entire distance home, all without the support of a trailer.

Here is how his two month adventure began as Race Pages Digital will be doing periodical updates of his where and what Randy is up to as he crisscrosses this great nation on the adventure of a lifetime.

The Odometer was set to zero on the Haltech/Racepak digital dashboard. By the end of the trip, it should read over 10,000 miles.

Day 1 – Orlando, Florida to Commerce, Georgia

The morning of May 18th had Seward starting from his home base of Orlando, Florida and headed north to Commerce, Georgia to visit Atlanta Dragway, the second stop on the NMCA and NMRA tours. Aiming to participate in the track’s Fast Friday test and tune, Seward logged 541 miles in just over eleven hours, while knocking down nearly 19 miles per gallon! “Traffic going through Atlanta was brutal,” said Seward, and the weather report wasn’t much better. As a result, the track pulled the plug on Friday evening’s activities. Not to be dejected, Seward decided to cover some additional ground for his second stop, Bowling Green, Kentucky. Just over 300 miles later, Seward landed in Manchester, Tennessee, calling it a night.

Total miles: 850        Daily mileage: 850   Tracks visited: One  Best pass: none yet!

Day 2 – Manchester, Tennessee to Bowling Green Kentucky

Seward entered the NMCA Bluegrass Nationals in Gear Vendors True Street, completing the competition with an 8.67 average and third place finish.

Saturday had Seward making a slightly shorter drive to Beech Bend Raceway, home to the NMCA’s Bluegrass Nationals. Adding a mere 140-ish miles to his odometer got Seward to the track, where he made a single tune up lap and then embarked on the True Street cruise and trio of runs. Clocking a best of 8.59 at 160 mph, Seward completed another True Street competition, this one getting him an 8.67 average, landing third in the overall standings. His trusty laptop started giving Seward some issues at the event, and instead of logging a bunch of miles to his next destination Sunday morning, he would remain in Bowling Green to pick up a new laptop before embarking to Lexington, Kentucky for the evening. Monday’s destination: Haltech Engine Management Systems’ main office in Lexington, then Seward will set his sights on Clarksville Speedway on May 23rd and then Memphis International Raceway on May 24th.

Total miles: 1034      Daily mileage: 184   Tracks visited: Two  Best pass: 8.59 at 160 mph

There is no support trailer or trailing vehicles. Everything Seward needs is in the trunk of his car or in the backseat. He plans to camp for most of the trip and stay with friends at points throughout the route.