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Meet The NMRA/NMCA Staff—Jim "Campy" Campisano

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Meet The NMRA/NMCA Staff—Jim "Campy" Campisano

Name/Nickname: Jim “Campy” Campisano
Position: Director of Sales, Promedia Events & Publishing
Birthplace: Jersey City, home of the Statue of Liberty
Hometown: Tampa, FL, via Livingston, NJ       
Full-Time Occupation: See above
Jim Campisano became the national sales director for ProMedia Events & Publishing after 33 years as a sports reporter, automotive journalist/magazine editor and TV programming executive. Campy lives and breathes all things automotive, especially classic and modern American muscle cars. He is the former editor of Muscle Cars magazine, Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords magazine, and Super Chevy magazine. He was also editorial director of such renowned titles as High Performance Mopar, Mopar Muscle and High Performance Pontiac. He wrote, directed and starred in numerous automotive videos and wrote six best-selling automotive books, including Power By SVT for the Ford Motor Company. He also brought Muscle Mustangs and Super Chevy into the digital publishing era. 
In 2016, Jim joined the ProMedia Events & Publishing team as the sales director, coming full circle as he had covered the very first NMRA event as an editor. He is responsible for selling NMRA and NMCA race sponsorships and print and digital ads for Fastest Street Car magazine and NMRA Digital and NMCA 
“I can now say I’ve literally done it all in publishing, from being a newspaper stringer in college and going from proofreader to writer, photographer, editor and editorial director of a magazine. Now I intimately involved in the financial side of publishing and racing. Go figure.”
When he’s not working or behind the wheel of one of his hot rods, he shoots and stars in videos for his YouTube channel, Muscle Car Campy, which is devoted to American performance cars from 1960 to present.
Favorite Racing Class: NMRA Coyote Stock or NMCA Factory Super Car
Favorite Car: Whatever hot rod or classic I am driving at the moment. 
Dream Car: 1969 Corvette Stingray L-88 or ZL-1.
Favorite Race Track: Watkins Glen (road course) or whichever dragstrip is closest to where I am.
Favorite Food: Sunday gravy, alias “red lead” or macaroni and meatballs, sausage, etc.
Favorite Drink: Water, beer or scotch (depending on my mood)
Favorite Sport: Baseball
Favorite movie: American Graffiti, which helped make me the man I am today.
Favorite quote: Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.
Favorite phone app: Facebook
Favorite vacation spot: Anywhere in Europe. Heck, I already live by the place I used to go for vacation.
First purchase if gifted a million dollars: ’69-72 Corvette roadster.
First job: Gas station attendant
Worst job you ever had: Testing medical supplies in a factory. Just so dull.
Best Job you ever had: Editor of multiple car magazines. Nothing else could ever come close.
Favorite Band/Artist: Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, U2, Ramones, REM, Beatles, Skynyrd, Led Zep—take your choice.
Dream Job: See best job.
If you could meet one person, living or dead, who would it be: My maternal grandfather, for whom I am named, but who died before I was born.
Best Advice given to you: Create Compelling Content. Always put the reader first. 
Worst Advice given to you: It’s ok to let others drive your rental cars. If you know, you know.
Who do you most admire: My parents, RIP.
What’s your hidden talent: I make the world’s best margaritas (also the most potent).
What are your hobbies or interests other than racing: Baseball, YouTube, Golf, and being Italian
What’s your guilty pleasure: The Sopranos
Canon or Nikon: GoPro
Coffee or tea: Coffee
Horse, Dog or Cat: Dog
What inspires you: the number of bills in my mail box
Social Media
Instagram: @muscle_car_campy
YouTube: Muscle Car Campy

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