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Rick Erdman Switching To Steeda Limited Street in 900+ hp HP Tuners/Amazon Racing Solutions Mustang

Posted By: Mike Galimi
Rick Erdman, owner of Amazon Racing Solutions (ATS) in North Carolina, plans to make the switch from Roush Performance Super Stang over to NMRA's newest heads-up category Steeda Limited Street with his mid-900 hp 2015 Ford Mustang. With a car pushing almost 1,000-horsepower, it's difficult to be competitive in a bracket-style race when your car runs 9's and the car in the other lane is a 14.5 second Three-valve, explained Erdman. Last season, Erdman's best was a 9.80 second pass at 140 mph. Erdman's big goal for next year is to pilot his HP Tuner-wrapped S550 Mustang into the high 8-second range with the stock GEN 2 Coyote topped with a VMP Gen II 2.3L supercharger running 18.5 lbs. of boost. Big plans are under Erdman's belt regarding the HP Tuner/ATS Mustang. A strict diet is underway to hopefully shed about 700 lbs. off the 4,200-pound car, along with adding a full 12-point roll cage and parachute mount at Chassis Pro, and hopefully with the help of Anderson Composites, he will replace the hood and a few other components with carbon fiber to lighten the load even more. Originally a stick car before converting to a 4R70W, Erdman lost third gear at Mod Nationals, and he decided to go a different route with his transmission plans. More than likely, a BC Automotive 6R80 will be installed over the winter, and he will change all wiring, etc. to accommodate an automatic car. Erdman has been making every mile count as his odometer reads just 860 miles stretched over the length of three years. Erdman says that most miles have been accumulated during NMRA events. Now that Erdman is semi-retired, he just wants to have some fun and show people what the car can do. Huge thanks to HP Tuners (with the wrap designed by his wife Linn), VMP Performance, Gulf Racing Fuels, Driveshaft shop, JMS, JLT, Solo Performance, BMR, Chassis Pro, and The Mustang Shop. After bouncing ideas around at PRI, Anderson Composites and Baer Brakes will be outfitted on the car as well to take things to the next level in Limited Street. Last but certainly not least, his wife Linn Erdman has provided enormous support for his racing efforts.

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