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Two-time Roush Performance Super Stang Champion Marvin Knack Relies on Stifflers Chassis & Suspension Components

Posted By: Mike Galimi Marvin Knack successfully defended his NMRA championship title in the Roush Performance Super Stang division, making him a back-to-back champion. We caught up with Knack during the 19th annual Nitto Tire NMRA All-Ford World Finals to talk about Super Stang and how Stifflers Chassis & Suspension has been an integral part of his winning combination. He relies on the chassis stiffening kit that includes the FIT system, lower chassis brace, and an adjustable panhard bar, as Knack said the car is more consistent and predictable with the Stifflers kit in palce. Additionally, he has added the driveshaft safety loop, which is a direct bolt-on item and required by NHRA safety rules for cars running drag radials or slicks. Stifflers Chassis & Suspension 317/837-2444

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