NMRA Tech Committee Finalizes 2021 Class Rules

Today, the NMRA Tech Committee finalized the championship class rules and they are now available online. The Committee has several items to review in Limited Street before finalizing that rule set and expects to have this completed early next week.

Classes with final rules posted today include the following:

  1. General Regulations
  2. Points
  3. Street Outlaw
  4. Renegade
  5. Coyote Stock
  6. Factory Stock
  7. Open Comp
  8. Super Stang
  9. Modular Muscle
  10. Ford Muscle
  11. Truck and Lighting
  12. True Street
  13. Brackets

The 2021 NMRA Class Rules can be found here: https://www.nmradigital.com/class-rules-payouts/