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Gen 3 Coyote Engine Announcement for Holley NMRA Ford Nationals 2021

Posted By: Steve Baur
In 2017, the NMRA Technical Department announced the transition to the Gen 2 Coyote engine for Coyote Stock with a guaranteed 4-year run without an engine change. In accordance with that announcement and its timeline, along with the expected depleted production of Gen 2 Coyote engines, the G-Force Racing Transmissions Coyote Stock eliminator will add the Gen 3 Coyote engine to the list of approved engines for the category beginning with the 2021 season. NMRA and Ford Performance are committed to the Gen 3 engine package for four complete seasons 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 giving racers confidence when upgrading to the new engine combination. Ford Performance and NMRA worked together to develop a package to help racers convert their current racecars to the new Gen 3 combination. The Gen 3 Coyote Stock package includes new components based on swap requirements and the demands of heads-up racing. Ford Performance lists the engine under part number M-6007-M50SB. Here is a breakdown of the parts included in the premium engine package M-6007-M50SB Gen 3 5.0L NMRA Coyote Stock Engine
  • N605904-S Oil Pick Up Brace Bolt
  • BR3E-6622DB 0L Oil Pick Up Tube
  • CM-6621-A50 0L HP Oil Pump (billet)
  • BR3E6K258-DA Oil Pick Up Stud
  • W714962-S437 M6 x 22mm Pick-Up Bolt
  • N806180-S2 Pick Up Tube Space, M8 x 1.25 x 37.9mm
  • BR3Z-6710-A Gasket and Oil Pan (windage tray)
  • P-CRADLE-50 Engine Bracket Cradle
  • BR3E-6A340-AA Damper Bolt
  • FR3E-6279-AA 0L VCT bolt
  • JG-397-AA 2018 5.0L Manual Engine
  • JR3Z-6279-A 2018 5.0L Exhaust VCT Phaser Bolt
  • BL3E-6675-DA F150 5.0L Oil Pan
The Ford Performance Control Pack harness and computer for the Gen 3 engine is also required, listed under part number M-6017-M50B. In addition to the Coyote Stock legal engine package, the factory Gen 3 Oil Filter Adapter is required in NMRA competition. The factory oil cooler can be removed, but the sensors are required to be plugged in. The reason for retaining the oil adapter and sensors is due to an ECU strategy built into the factory calibration. Minimum weight will be 3,100 pounds across the board for all three generations of the legal Coyote Stock engines. There will be no phase-in period due to the more powerful rating of the Gen 3 Coyote discovered through extensive testing by Ford Performance and NMRA. Based on that analysis, the NMRA Tech Committee anticipates the Gen 3-powered vehicles will be significantly quicker than the current Gen 2 performances.

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