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Video Inside Stifflers 6R80 Crossmember for 1979-2004 Mustang

Posted By: Mike Galimi
Most people think of an LS engine whenever the word "swap" is mentioned these days. That, however, is not the case as the Coyote 5.0 swap is a booming market as of late. Between the high output from the factory and the ability to pull a Coyote out of a junkyard has made it an easy and desirable swap. Then throw in the red-hot aftermarket with the option to build 3,000hp versions, and the Coyote is all of a sudden a reliable and capable swap for street or strip. Stifflers has always been on the forefront of offering chassis and suspension solutions for a wide-variety of Ford and GM vehicles. Their latest crossmember was designed for the swap crowd that wants to employ a 6R80 or MT-82 transmission (TCB-6R80 KIT). It begins with the company's single tube crossmember, which features an adjustable transmission mount and polyurethane bushings. Stifflers then engineered an adjustable crossmember mount that can be bolted on to the chassis. The adjustable mounts allow the optimum placement of the crossmember for a clean and easy installation. Additionally, the crossmember allows the user to adjust the pinion angle and offer exceptional exhaust clearance.   Stifflers Chassis & Suspension

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