Kinsler Tough Pump Series 2
Priding itself on performance and reliability, Kinsler Fuel Injection says that not one of its fuel pumps has failed in the past 17 years. Its original Tough Pump mechanical fuel pump supplied the fuel for the engines that powered winners of the heralded and grueling Knoxville Nationals for dirt sprint car race.
Atturo AZ850DR Drag Radial Tires
Cars that split time between the street and the drag strip need a tire that can easily transition between the two environments. Designed to do just that, Atturo Tire’s D.O.T.-compliant AZ850DR features a directional design with an extra wide shoulder tread, large center contact strip, and ultra-sticky compound.
Turbosmart StraightGate76 Wastegate
Big boost combinations produce a massive airflow and keeping that air under control is the mission of Turbosmart’s StraightGate76, which the company describes as the “world’s highest flowing external wastegate.”
PROFORM Grade 8 Header Bolts
It’s that time of year when racers kick back and enjoy the holidays. But many of us will get out to the garage and do required maintenance, whether it’s rebuilding the engine and transmission or just giving everything the “once over.”
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